The Benefits of Printed Wedding Photographs

In today’s technologically-savvy world, weddings are captured from every angle, device, and vantage point. Sharing memories Online often takes precedence over printing “traditional photographs” or photo albums. As a professional wedding photographer based in Toronto, I understand the importance of capturing wedding memories with both digital and printed photos. Although digital photos are simple, and easy to share, there is something magical about a glossy print of you and your spouse on your special day. Here are some of the benefits of printing your wedding photographs:

Printed Photographs Are Enduring

Posting the “I do” moment on Facebook may get likes and comments, but it will inevitably get lost in the Online shuffle within a few days. Your wedding deserves more than that! With printed photographs, your best wedding memories can live on for years, whether they’re in a photo album, in a frame on your mantel, or blown up on a canvas in the bedroom. What’s more, you can relive your special moments within the privacy of your own home, without commentary from the social media world.

Printed Photographs Are Tangible

Like reading a book, or writing with a smooth ball-point pen, there is something peaceful and enjoyable about holding a stack of photographs with your own two hands. Printed photographs are perfect for social occasions, too. At a dinner party, or a family gathering, leave your phone at your side as you pass pictures from your wedding around the room. No matter their age of generation, there is something lovely and communal about flipping through photos together.

Printed Photographs Are Accessible

Digital photographs can take up a lot of space, be tedious to organize, and easily get lost in a sea of files and folders. As a luxury wedding photographer, I’ve come to appreciate the simplicity of printed photographs. For one—they rarely get lost. Although digital photographs can be saved to a disc, USB, or hard drive, they don’t actually exist. With printed photographs, you know exactly where they are.

Printed Photographs Come in Many Forms

The options are limitless when it comes to preserving wedding memories with printed photographs. Available in all shapes and sizes, photographs can be used to decorate your home, given as thank you gifts to those who attended the wedding, or made into a coffee table book for friends and family to flip through.

Both digital and print photographs are a fantastic way to relive and preserve your wedding memories. If you are looking for a luxury photographer in Toronto for your upcoming wedding, please get in touch with me today at Corina V. Photography. I look forward to getting to know you!