Ideas for Your Ultra Violet Spring Wedding

Make your wedding stand out with 2018’s Pantone colour: Ultra Violet! With this rich and mystic colour, you’ll be able to make a bold statement and pair it with lovely gold or cream accents. From your expert luxury wedding photographer, here are a few ideas I’ve prepared on how to make your wedding eye-catching and unforgettable:


Ultra violet is a great opportunity for you to flaunt your antique style by merging black with ultra violet. With violet lace dresses for the bridesmaids and perhaps violet bowties for the groomsmen, everyone’s eyes will be drawn to your white or cream dress. At the reception, black furniture and metalwork, including chandeliers and candelabras, can be offset by the silverware.

Ultra violet brings to mind non-conformists, like Prince, who used purple as a symbol for change. You can use this to your advantage and embrace new customs for your wedding. If cake isn’t a dessert you enjoy, change it for a sundae or a flowing chocolate fountain for dipping fruit. Are you worried about your bridesmaids fighting over the bouquet? Make a toast to them instead, and present the bouquet to your parents. Make your day a reflection of your relationship with your partner.


Flowers play an important role in weddings because of their symbolic meanings. In general, they are a symbol of a new beginnings, and a wedding is a place for positive energy; so, although many people aren’t aware of a flower’s meaning, it’s crucial to choose flowers that signify good wishes. Some flowers for your ultra violet wedding are the:

  • Bellflower. This flower signifies constancy and ever-lasting love.
  • Verbena. This flower signifies happiness and unforgotten romance.
  • Violet. This flower signifies faithful love and appreciation.

On your wedding day, there are many places you can garnish with flowers: in tasteful arrangements at the wedding itself and the reception, on the wedding party’s outfits, in the bride’s bouquet, and on her headpiece.


Gemstones are powerful elements, and by incorporating them into your wedding decor, they can influence the mood of the celebration. Take, for example, these violet gemstones:

  • Amethyst. It has a positive effect on the heart and one’s confidence by allowing people to be themselves and more open to the world.
  • Tanzanite. It enhances the connection and love between you and your partner by helping you focus on living life more purposefully.
  • Rubellite. It stabilizes relationships and allows you to feel emotionally secure for any challenges you and your partner will meet so you can overcome them.
  • Spinel. It helps you develop a greater appreciation for life and, in turn, how much you treasure your partner. Spinel alters your outlook on change and makes you more flexible.

Little gemstone touches on coasters, napkin rings, chandeliers, as well as banners and strings will embellish your joyous occasion.

Whether you’re going for a traditional tone or a new-age atmosphere, there are always creative ways to incorporate the colours you want into your wedding. I am a Toronto-based wedding photographer that pays attention to details, like colour and meaning, to ensure your wedding photos turn out perfectly before, after, and on your big day. If you’re looking for a fine art wedding photographer in Oakville, or a Paris elopement photographer, I deliver professional advice and luxury photos that highlight the beauty and love between you and your partner. Contact me today at Corina V. Photography. I can’t wait to get started!

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