Reasons Why You Should Get Married in Paris

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. The food is mouth-watering, the architecture is breathtaking, and the energy is sublime. Although there is something special about getting married in your home town, eloping in a city like Paris is truly an unforgettable experience. As a professional wedding photographer who has travelled to France for multiple photo shoots, I give Paris a 10/10 for most beautiful and romantic places to say “I do.” Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting married in Paris:

Picture Perfect Scenery

As a photographer, weddings in Paris are a favourite. With endless backdrop options, a rich and diverse colour palate, and unique architecture to work with, my clients are guaranteed to return home with breathtaking photos. My light, airy, and romantic photography style is perfectly suited for the dreaminess of Paris. You and your guests will return home with albums full of gorgeous photographs, and a pile of one-in-a-lifetime memories.

There Are Wedding Venues Everywhere

In Paris, there are majestic castles and historical buildings around every corner. No matter where you are in the city, there is a turret, magical terrace, gorgeous bridge, beautiful canal, and of course, a view of the stunning Eiffel tower. When you pictured your dream wedding as a kid, I bet it included at least one of these structures. Why not make it come true? Whether you’re looking to have your picture taken on the iconic Bateaux Mouches, among the flowers in one of Paris’ perfectly manicured gardens, or in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, Paris has everything you need to make lasting wedding memories.

Cheap and Amazing Wine

Who doesn’t love wine, especially at a wedding? Paris is renowned for its delectable selection of top-quality wines. Back home, each imported bottle might cost a fortune. In France, these will cost a fraction of the cost. If the cheap wine isn’t enough to convince you, why not get married in a vineyard? In Paris, anything’s possible.

Proximity to Honeymoon Destinations

The only thing better than the wedding is the honeymoon. Paris is conveniently close to a variety of hot-spot destinations. Get married in Paris and jet off with your new spouse to a seaside vacation home in Portugal, fly to Greece to spend the week on a boat, or ride across the Moroccan desert on a camel. The opportunities are endless!

Paris is one of, if not the most romantic place for you and your spouse to seal the deal. As a professional luxury wedding photographer who speaks French and has travelled to Paris numerous times, I know of the city’s most romantic hidden spots and gems, perfect for photographs. To learn more about my photography services, get in touch today!