How to Show Bridesmaid Appreciation Before, After, and During the Wedding


Your bridesmaids are the original loves of your life. Whether they’re real or acquired family, they’ve been with you through the good times and the bad times, and now they’ve helped bring you to the altar. Being a bridesmaid is often a major time and financial commitment. Don’t forget to show your best friends, sisters, or cousins how much you appreciate them throughout the wedding process.

Before the Wedding

The bridesmaids you do choose are responsible for ensuring that your wedding experience is as stress-free as possible. Occasionally, you may let your inner bridezilla slip out. There may be tears and fights and muttering under one’s breath and concerned emails and gentle reminders to “just breathe”. Bridesmaids do a lot for you. Showing your appreciation for all that they have done to help throughout your wedding planning doesn’t have to be a big sweeping gesture, but it should be heartfelt.

Ideas for showing your bridesmaids your appreciation before the wedding:

  • Spa care package: book them a day at the spa close to the wedding where you all can enjoy relaxing massages, facials, mud wraps, and everything you need to completely let go of your wedding stresses.
  • Loot bag full of goodies: fill an adorable tote bag with your friends’ favourite goodies, like Pandora jewelry, candy, nail polish, books, magazines, sunglasses, makeup, and designer flip-flops.
  • Girl’s trip: Rent a cottage, spend the weekend in Vegas, or take a road trip to Montreal. You can incorporate your bachelorette party into your trip or treat the girls to a surprise.
  • Booze cruise: Give your girls an evening to unwind, let loose, and just have fun on a booze cruise or a tour of the Toronto Islands.

During the Wedding

Your wedding is finally here! Your special day could not have been possible without the meticulous coordination, endless hours of help, and soothing comfort from your favourite people. One easy way to show your girls how much you appreciate them is to encourage them to let loose. After the ceremony, their job should be done. It was a big day for them too.

An easy way to show your bridesmaids how much you appreciate their efforts is to pay for or contribute to the cost of their hair and makeup.

After the Wedding

After the wedding bells have serenaded you into married life and your wedding dress is safely stored away, it’s time to give your bridesmaids a big thank you. Your appreciation doesn’t have to be of great monetary value. It can be as simple as a framed photo of the bridal party. It can also be as big as a weekend trip, or something in between like a monogrammed bracelet.

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